Patricks' 4th Ward Successes
in 6 Short Months

Since October 6, 2021, Patrick has completed immense work to bolster Collegetown's profile, support renting and homeowning residents, and make Collegetown, and all of Ithaca, a safer place. Learn more about what's been accomplished in a few months.

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The Days Bill

Ordinance 2022-02, also known as the Days Bill, was written and introduced by Patrick in December 2021, less than two months after his appointment to Council.

The Days Bill unanimously passed the Planning and Economic Development Committee (PEDC) in March 2022 before unanimously passing the Ithaca Common Council in April 2022.

The Days Bill extends the amount of time renters have to decide on renewing an apartment from 60 to 120 days while providing educational information to renters and landlords around the provisions for those who choose to waive them.

$2,000,000+ for Infrastructure

Although he joined Council in the middle of the 2022 budget season, Patrick worked closely with fellow 4th Ward Alderperson Graham Kerslick to secure over $2,000,000 to renovate the main stretch of College Ave.

More trees, more lighting, and repaved streets and sidewalks will all make College Ave a safer, greener, and more accessible part of our community. Construction for the new College Ave will begin in 2024, years ahead of original planning.

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Collegetown Celebration

As Collegetown's local businesses continue to bounce back from the pandemic, celebrating the expansive, beautiful, and growing opportunity for success in Collegetown is paramount to a thriving community.

In partnership with the Collegetown Small Business Alliance, the Department of Planning & Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce, and Cornell, Patrick is proud to have founded and led the creation of the Collegetown Celebration.  More details to come soon from the first Celebration Planning Committee.

Pedestrian Safety

Ensuring Collegetown is a walkable community is essential for us reaching our ambitious climate goals set in the Ithaca Green Deal and for increasing pedestrian safety in the highest-traffic part of the City.

Patrick has worked with the City Planning Department to positively change pedestrian and car signage, including new signage on Stewart Ave, E. Buffalo St., and E. Seneca St. coming soon.

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