"Serving on the Ithaca Common Council has been the honor of a lifetime. In my short time working on housing, economical development, and bridging town-gown relations, I have been thrilled by the progress made to better Collegetown, West Campus, and all of Ithaca. The fight is never over and I look forward to continue advocating for everyone in our community."
More Time for Housing Decisions

In under 100 days in office, I introduced The Days Bill, formally known as the Ordinance to Amend Chapter 258 (Rental Housing) of Part II (General Legislation) of the Code of the City of Ithaca in Relation to Notification of Tenants. The bill has unanimously passed within the committee I sit on, the Planning and Economic Development Committee (PEDC), and will be presented to Common Council in April.

All renters, both students and permanent residents alike, deserve ample time to live in their rental before deciding whether or not to renew their lease. By extending the waiting period to 120 days and adding lanugage that educates renters about the waiver, all renters will have enough time to live, learn, and raise a family in their home without the immediate pressure of finding a home for next year, a day after moving in.


I could not have been prouder to vote on Ithaca's ambitious electrification program as part of Ithaca's Green New Deal. With College Avenue's redesign, I will fight to make our mini-city as green as possible, advocating for more green space and trees.

Reimagining Public Safety

The Reimagining Public Safety report has just come before the Common Council during our March meeting. I'm optimistic about the contents of the report and I am looking forward to exploring the recommendation in full as we work to make Collegetown and West Campus a safer place for all residents.

Economic Development

Projects such as the Catherine Commons will continue to impact our Collegetown neighborhood as we see road closures and construction come to our doors. As the City's Liaison to the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce City Affairs, I bring Collegetown's booming economic development to the forefront of the conversation and I will continue to collaborate with developers and our transportation services throughout our developments. Expanding our community is a boon for us all. But minimizing the disruption to our lives now remains crucial to our community.

Including Our Whole Community

The 4th Ward of Ithaca is the most densely packed district in the City of Ithaca. And although we cover the least amount of land, we are one of the city's largest hubs of diversity in our community. Collegetown permanent residents, Collegetown student renters, and Cornell West Campus residents come from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences, all of which have a home here.

Building the bridge between all our residents is an ever-ongoing process, one that necessitates input from all of our neighborhoods. As a former resident of Cornell's West Campus, current resident of Collegetown's student renters, and future Collegetown permanent resident, I have been incredibly fortunate to live with and around all the amazing people in our ward. As a City Liaison to the Cornell-City Working Group and member of our Collegetown Neighborhood Council, I continue to strive towards a vision of a unified Collegetown. Continuing to develop our community with the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce and the Collegetown Small Business Alliance are essential for our continued growth. Together we can continue to grow a Collegetown that is more than just a "college town" but a home for all of us.