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Patrick J. Mehler

Democrat for Ithaca Common Council 2022
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May 25, 2022

Run For Something and County Legislator Rich John Endorse Mehler for 2022.


Run For Something, a national organization seeking to elect young progressives to local government, and Collegetown's County Legislator Rich John have both endorsed Mehler.

Run For Something endorsed Mehler saying:

"Patrick is a rising senior at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, running in a special election to represent the Fourth Ward of Ithaca’s Common Council. After being appointed in October 2021, Patrick has worked to unite the student and permanent resident community in Collegetown, successfully passing renter-friendly housing legislation, finding an additional 1.2 million dollars for infrastructure reconstruction, and creating the Collegetown Celebration.

Patrick was proud to vote for Ithaca’s 2030 electrification plan and is now advocating to make Collegetown a more pedestrian-safe area that students, small business owners, and permanent Ithacans can walk, shop, eat, study, and live in. Patrick is focused on what we can do in Collegetown and what we can do now, uplifting the community through genuine grassroots organizing and people dedicated to growing Collegetown."

April 25 & May 11, 2022

Local Newspapers Cover Mehler for 2022.


The Cornell Daily Sun and The Ithaca Times both wrote stories on Mehler's campaign to remain on Council. Both papers emphasized Mehler's priorities of making Collegetown a safer and more walkable neighborhood as well as relationships with colleagues, city staff, and the community.


In the Sun article, former Fourth Ward Alderperson Graham Kerslick said: "I've worked for a short time with Patrick, but even in that period I recognized some of his most important qualities. Like his enthusiasm to tackle challenging problems and his willingness to work with colleagues on Council on a whole range of issues, not ones that just affect students."

In the same article, critics of Mehler cited him as taking too "pragmatic stance on issues." Mehler has touted his pragmatism as the source of successful initiatives such as the Day Bills and $1,000,000+ for Collegetown roads.

April 16, 2022

Local Businesses and Former 4th Ward Alderpersons Endorse Mehler for 2022.


Every alderperson to serve in Mehler's 4th Ward seat since 2011 has endorsed Patrick Mehler to continue serving on the Ithaca Common Council.  Graham Kerslick (2009-2021), Steve Smith (2011-2021), and Svante Myrick (2007-2011) have all endorsed Mehler to serve the one-year term in his special election.

In addition, the Collegetown Small Business Alliance has endorsed Mehler for his commitment to improving the local economy and helping small business owners.  From restaurants to shipping companies to every mom-and-pop shop in Collegetown, Mehler's commitment to expanding Collegetown's business reach has most recently begun to plan the first "Collegetown Celebration."  Marty Johnson of Uncle Marty's Shipping Office and Mehler teased more to come during the next  Collegetown Neighborhood Council.

April 6, 2022

Mehler's "Days Bill" Unanimously Passes Ithaca Common Council.


After initially being introduced at Mehler's third PEDC meeting, Mehler's "Days Bill" unanimously passed the Ithaca Common Council on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.  Other Councilmembers praised his work on introducing the bill and carrying it through months of reform and changes.

Alderperson Brock of the 1st Ward said: "These changes are long overdue and it took a lot of work to get us here and I thank Patrick for steering us through this process, I think we have a really great final product."

March 24, 2022

Mehler Announces 2022 Campaign for Ithaca Common Council, 4th Ward


After being appointed to the Ithaca Common Council in October 2021, Mehler is announcing his candidacy to return to the 4th Ward Alderperson seat for another year. Mehler said: "Serving on Council has been the honor of a lifetime. I'm looking forward to continuously engaging all members of our Collegetown and West Campus communities as we work to rebuild, reinvest, and reinvent our home." A kickoff event has been slated for Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 12:30pm in Collegetown; details to follow.

March 24, 2022

Supermajority of Ithaca Common Council Alderpersons endorse Mehler for 2022.


With Patrick Mehler's 2022 campaign getting underway, seven other alderpersons and four former alderpersons have endorsed him to continue serving on the Ithaca Common Council.  Current alderpersons Cynthia Brock (1st ward), George McGonigal (1st Ward), Ducson Nguyen (2nd Ward), Jeffery Barken (3rd Ward), Rob Gearhart (3rd Ward), Robert Cantelmo (5th Ward), and Acting Mayor Laura Lewis (5th Ward) have endorsed him.


Former alderpersons Graham Kerslick of Mehler's 4th Ward, Seph Murtagh (2nd Ward), Donna Flemming (3rd Ward), and Deb Mohlenhoff (5th Ward) have endorsed him as well. 


Current Acting Mayor, Chair of Planning and Economic Development Committee (PEDC), and 5th ward alderperson Laura Lewis said in her endorsement: "Working with Patrick on PEDC and Council has been an absolute pleasure. His thoughtful approach to legislating and his commitment to always including all stakeholders in our community into account has made him an invaluable person to the City and to Collegetown."

March 16, 2022

Mehler's "Days Bill" Unanimously Passes Planning and Economic Development Committee (PEDC)


After being introduced in December 2021, Patrick Mehler's "Days bill" will be introduced to the full Common Council in April following its unanimous passage in PEDC.  The bill extends the notification period to tenants from 60 to 120 days while also creating clear, educational, and informative language that must be included in contracts that choose to waive the notification period.